About Avasol™.org

What moves us?       

  • We are what we: absorb, do and think

  • What you do matters

  • The Ocean is in us

  • Everyone is different, yet we are all connected

  • Do the right thing, even when no one is watching

  • The impossible just takes longer

You know Avasol™.

The company that grew out of a wish for a pure, natural, 100% safe and effective sunscreen that was safe for our planet, too. And you know how our name comes from "Ava" the Samoan word for respect and "Sol" for the sun that shines life on our planet. Respect the Sun.

We do respect the sun. And we respect our bodies, our planet, and every living thing on it. And that is why we have Avasol.org.

Know us better.

This is the part of Avasol™ that is dedicated to discovering the latest research related to the issues that move us, uncovering the truth and making it available to all who express an interest and recovering our faith that you can have products that are healthy for people and healthy for the planet. It has got to be win-win for us and the planet or we're just not interested.

Join us on these pages to learn.

Read about the newest innovations in personal care products; the best ways to strike a balance between our human environment and nature; and what you can do to help make our planet the best it can be! Find out about the ins and outs of supplementation; how eating healthy can literally save your skin; and what Big Pharma doesn't want you to know.

And we encourage you to talk back. Tell us what you're thinking or join our Team and give us a piece of your mind that way.

We're open. We care. We're Avasol™.

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